The Great News for Hindi Bloggers

Friends, today I am sharing a great news with Some people may already know about this, but those who do not know will surely be happy about this news.

Google Adsense Approved for Hindi Language, I was checking a web page, I had seen this page many times for the last four years …. Sometimes because I have written a special word on it I was eagerly waiting, every time I see and that word is not there every time I was a little depressed, but then I used to work on my work that one day these waiters would surely end … and this happened on Friday …. Thousands of Hindi bloggers like me and myself have been waiting … ..

This time when I checked, the special word was written there, that is the special word “Hindi”, and that web page is Languages AdSense supports

Yes, Google Adsense is now supporting Hindi language too. 🙂 And this is a really big news. Congratulations to all of you !

Below is the page where Hindi is also supported in supported languages:

Adsense Now Supports Hindi

I am sure those who work related to blogging or websites must know about Google Adsense, but I’ll tell them a bit about it.

Why is this news so big?

Because this news is directly related to money and money is a big thing. Perhaps the biggest reason for online Hindi content being reduced is that there is not much money in Hindi blogging, so many people are not attracted towards it and if they become demotivate within a few days without money. But now after the support of Google Adsense, it will probably not be so, now every small blogger (in terms of page views) will have a golden chance to Monetize their Hindi Site and I am hopeistic in the coming years. Many great Hindi sites and blogs will be able to see.

By the way, income from Adsense depends on many things, such as

  • How much traffic your site is
  • What is the traffic from which country, the highest earnings from USA is traffic
  • Which category is a site, for ex: Finance, Smart Phones, Personal Development, Technology, Education etc., generally earning more of the financial site.
  • etc

What do I do about this big news?

If you are a Hindi Blogger then you can apply for Google Adsense. Do not rush to apply, I was last to last Friday, but I had found out that Hindi was supported by adsense, but I waited for a week and applied to last Thursday … and thank God, I got approved. 🙂

But I do not blog in Hindi, what should I do?

I once had a “Share Money with Passive Income!” Post share. In this I had written about earning money without being actively involved. Blogging can be a great way to generate passive income. So you can start a new blog in Hindi and gradually generate good income from it.

But could I have done this before by starting a blog in English?

Maybe this question came to your mind … Friends in English You can still start the blog but in all probability Thousands of sites related to whatever you think of doing in English will already exist so you want to get the same value Not able to add but this is not the case with Hindi. In fact, even before starting the blog, I started a blog in English, but soon I realized that what I am doing has been done well before and so, so I decided to work in Hindi Done It has also benefited me a lot, today my blog Motivatinal is the largest site of Hindi Stories and Quotes, which gets more than 22 lacs page views every month. If I had done this job in English then maybe I would have been earning more but definitely I was not serving so many people ….

Hindi blogging space is just in the early stages, many Hindi blogs are those which are written as amateur … If you want to start a professional blog in Hindi, you can create some valuable for Hindi readers. Can create an alternate or primary source of income. And in the future, most people joining net in India will be those who are more comfortable in Hindi or other regional languages ​​than English, if such people get content in their own language then surely they would like to visit such sites repeatedly.

Friends, hopefully the information given here will be of your work. Once again, many of you would like to thank Hindi by Google Adsense! Let us take advantage of this opportunity and get involved in enriching our mother tongue on the Internet.

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